ITP/IMA Research Residency '23 - '24

This Fall (2023) I began a year long research residency, and have created Mini ADM to hang on the wall in front of my desk. I'm currently continuing experimenting with different equations to try and draw interesting things.

Most recent drawings from the Spring 2023 semester.

More with Kinect, this time with it mounted to the ceiling to track where a person walks.

Testing motion tracking using Kinect and OpenFrameworks.

Working on following mouse position in p5.

Some creations from the ITP/IMA Winter Show 2022!!!

This was ADM's first drawing.

This was drawn by Instagram Live viewers by giving a # of s

Did some tests with randomness. This ran for roughly 45 min

This was some more testing, with the addition of some color

Some more randomness. Added a brush pen this time.

Finally figured out the right code to make a circle! Or in

Was trying to figure out user interaction. Made a mess.